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Installing and using Citrix

This knowledge article explains how to setup and make use of the Otago Polytechnic Citrix remote access system

29 Aug 2018
How do I order a name badge?

This article outlines where to go to order a name badge.

20 Aug 2018
How do I request a digital signage screen?

This article outlines how to request a digital signage screen.

20 Aug 2018
I am locked out of my account

This article explains how to get your account enabled again so you can login

20 Aug 2018
Top Rated Articles
How do I change my OP network/Moodle password

This Article explains how to change your password from on or off campus.

12 Oct 2017
I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

This Article explains how to get your password reset, when you have forgotten it.

16 Aug 2018
What team should I assign my case to?

This article helps you to decide which team is best suited to assist with your query.

20 Aug 2018
How do I change my password from off campus?

This Article explains the methods of changing your password from off campus.

16 Aug 2018

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